Planning Board tutorial


Planning Board (PB) is a flexible todo/project management, inspired in the scrum boards but simplified to make them useful to all people.

The project are called boards. A board is anything you want to group task. Can have their own name & color.

All the task are grouped by columns. Columns in PB are like categories in others TODO apps.

You can make a unlimited amount of columns, and put the name & color you want.

Exist 2 pre-defined columns: DONE & ATTIC. Both columns can't be deleted but can be hidden and the names/colors can be changed.

  • DONE is where the completed tasks are showed.
  • ATTIC is where tasks that don't have their own column/category/classification and you put here to not forget it later.

How create the first board


LEFT: The most recent task of all boards, so you can see quickly what need to do.

CENTER: All the board that you have.

Create a new board tapping "New board".

How create task & columns

The new board appear and show this (this is a sample board. A new board show empty):



Create new columns with "Add column". Put a name and select a color.

Add task inside the column with "Add task".

Exist 2 types of task:

  • TEXT TASK: Where the task is only a title & description
  • IMAGE TASK: Where the task is a title & a image

Save the task and it appear in the column.

From there, you can edit the task with "Edit", start the task with the button with a "play" icon, finish the task with "Finish". It move to the "Done" column.

You add more columns to create categories, or separate task in different groups.

To move the task, do a long press on the task. Then, release the finger and drag/drop the task to the column you want.